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Search Help

Default Search

  • The default search is a basic keyword search.
  • Each individual word is searched for anywhere in a web page.
  • Searches are not case-sensitive.
  • Results are ordered by the prevalance of the search term.

Other Searches

  • Phrase Search
    To perform a phrase search (words appearing in a particular order) use " " quotation marks around the phrase.
  • Word Stem Search
    To find multiple word stems such as plurals, you can use an * asterisk as a wildcard. It will not work at the start of a word. You can also use the wildcard to truncate terms.
  • Boolean Search
    You can also use the basic boolean operators: and, or, not. These operators can be used with ( ) brackets to create sets within a search.

Search Examples

Search Term Type Result
pregnancy prevention keyword all pages containing the exact words "pregnancy" and "prevention"
"pregnancy prevention" phrase all pages containing the exact phrase
condom* wildcard (stem) all pages with words that start accordingly, for example: condom and condoms
prevention and AIDS Boolean and all pages that include both words
prevention or AIDS Boolean or all pages that include either word
prevention not AIDS Boolean not all pages that include prevention but not AIDS
prevention and (HIV or AIDS) Boolean and, or all pages with prevention and either HIV or AIDS
(HIV or AIDS) not condom* Boolean or, not and wildcard (stem) all pages with either HIV or AIDS but not condom (or condoms)