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Topics In Brief

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Youth Development

This edition of ReCAPP focuses on Youth Development, an innovative approach to reducing the risk of unintended pregnancy in adolescents.

Youth Development

Providing young people with support, opportunities and life skills are the hallmarks of the youth development approach. These help youth make the most of their daily lives and give them hope for a positive future. Building upon a youth's assets seems to reduce not only sexual risk-taking, but also alcohol and drug use, violence, and school problems.

Youth development approaches and programs can benefit all young people, but they are especially important for youth who are unlikely to get positive support, opportunities, and skills from their families and/or their communities. Find more details about this topic in Theories & Approaches. There you will find valuable information about the youth development approach, including:

  • how it differs from more traditional, problem-oriented approaches,

  • tips on creating or enhancing a youth development program,

  • the challenges and benefits of a youth development approach,

  • staff assessment exercises, resources and references.

For additional information, an informative book on this topic is: Youth Development: Issues, Challenges and Directions by Public/Private Ventures, Summer 2000, Philadelphia, PA.