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Topics In Brief

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Adolescent Development

The September 2003 edition of ReCAPP focuses on adolescent development. You will find all of the new information on this topic in its own section under "Theories and Approaches." This section was written by ReCAPP Consultant Kathryn Pierno. It is divided into the following articles:

  • A brief introduction to the topic of adolescent development.
  • An overview
    This article outlines key features of the three stages of adolescent development: early adolescence, ages 10-13; middle adolescence, ages 14-16; and late adolescence, ages 17-19. It also explains the development tasks facing adolescents; provides tips for helping teens reach their developmental goals; lists major questions facing adolescents; and includes guidelines for adults to help adolescents with these questions.
  • Developmental theories
    This section discusses and compares three major psychological theories related to adolescent development: Freud's Psychosexual Stages; Erikson's Psychosocial Stages; and Piaget's Periods of Development.
  • Aspects of adolescent development
    Five major categories of adolescent development — physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioral — are discussed in this section. Links to relevant sections on ReCAPP, such as parent-child connectedness and decision making, are also provided.
  • Questions to consider for professionals working with adolescents, and
  • References
    Books, articles and reports relevant to the topic.