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Making Adaptations to Evidence-based Pregnancy and STD/HIV Prevention Programs

This section contains adaptation kits with practical tools and resources to guide adolescent reproductive health practitioners in making effective adaptations and maintaining fidelity to program core components.

The adaptation kits were developed to provide clarity on how each program was designed, its core components, and the types of adaptations that are considered safe and those that should be avoided.

Each adaptation kit includes:

  1. Behavior-Determinant-Intervention (BDI) Logic Models
  2. Core Components
  3. Green/Yellow/Red Light Adaptations
  4. Fidelity and Adaptation Monitoring Logs

The following adaptation kits are available:


All4YouAll4You! Adaptation Kit **



bartBecoming a Responsible Teen Adaptation Kit*



Draw the LineDraw the Line/Respect the Line Adaptation Kit**



Reducing the Risk Adaptation Kit*



saferchoicesSafer Choices Adaptation Kit*



Safer Sex Intervention Adaptation Kit**



SIHLESIHLE Adaptation Kit*



Additional Resources

General Adaptation Guidance*

General Adaptation Guidance provides general green (safe), yellow (proceed with caution) and red (unsafe) light adaptation guidance for practitioners considering making adaptations to sexual health evidence-based interventions.

Companion Resources*

Companion Resources is a useful supplement to the adaptation kits. It includes links to the latest health information and research that can be used to update program information and make informed decisions about program planning, assessment, and evaluation.


*Developed in collaboration with CDC Division of Reproductive Health

**Developed with JBS International and the HHS Office of Adolescent Health