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Topics In Brief

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Youth Mentoring

This edition of ReCAPP focuses on youth mentoring. You will find all of the new information on this topic in its own section under "Theories and Approaches." This section was written by ReCAPP Consultant Mark Fulop. It is divided into the following articles:

  • A brief introduction to the topic of youth mentoring.
  • Designing a Mentoring Program: Four Dimensions
    This article covers the four essential elements or dimensions of mentoring programs that designers need to consider: the relationship between the mentor and the youth being mentored; the context (community-based, site-based, or technology-based) in which the mentoring takes place; the type of structure or support (formal vs. informal); and the outcome-focus (goals and outcomes) that the program is seeking to achieve.
  • What We Know about Youth Mentoring
    Here you will find a summary of what the last decade of research tells us about youth mentoring programs and their effects on academics, risk behaviors and psychosocial development.
  • Mentoring and Pregnancy Prevention
    This article briefly summarizes studies of mentoring as a pregnancy prevention strategy.
  • Implications for Practice
    This article provides three operating principles to consider when developing or adapting a mentoring program to meet your agency's specific needs.
  • Two Case Studies
    Here you will find information about two mentoring programs that have proven to work with pregnant and parenting teens — the StartRight/Teen MOMs Program in Kansas City, Missouri and the expansion of that program which was established at a second location in 2001. Included for each is an overview of the program, a summary of program outcomes, challenges and barriers, advice, and contact information.
  • Getting Started
    This article offers advice to agencies considering mentoring as a pregnancy prevention strategy. Included is information on what needs to be considered in terms of agency capacity, program design, effective community partnerships, sustainable resource development, and program evaluation. Links to several organizations that provide support to mentoring programs are also included.
  • Foundations of a Successful Youth Mentoring Program: a Checklist
    This checklist will help you track what's needed to launch a successful youth mentoring program.
  • Summary
  • Resources
    A list of web sites, books, and other key research on youth mentoring.
  • References
    A list of books and articles referred to in this section on youth mentoring.