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Topics In Brief

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Male Involvement

This edition focuses on male involvement and includes:

Overview of the Edition

This edition of ReCAPP focuses on Male Involvement, the role supportive male partners play in improving the use of contraception and in reducing the risk of unintended pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

Information on this topic can be found in ReCAPP's Theories and Approaches section under Male Involvement, which contains theories (such as social cognitive theory) and approaches (such as male involvement) to adolescent pregnancy prevention that don't fit neatly into other established sections of the web site.

Other Resources

Check out the communication tools offered by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy for other web sites to use. Several newly developed "postcards" and "banners" deliver the message that adolescence should be a time for education and growing up, not pregnancy and parenthood. One of their most popular images features basketball star Grant Hill with a prevention message for young men.

To view these "postcards," follow this link:

A banner ad featuring tips for teens from teens can be viewed at:

Many groups have already used these web products. If you have a youth-oriented web site and want to use them, just send an e-mail to