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Sex on TV: Teens and Parents Talk


To encourage teens and their parents to discuss their opinions and values relating to sexual messages presented on television.


(Note: there are two forms on this page. Reproduce and then cut in half.)
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1. Introduce the homework.

Tell the teens that you are giving them a homework assignment that requires them to watch a TV show with their parents or guardians. After they watch the show together, they will use the "Sex on TV: Teens and Parents Talk" Worksheet to discuss sexual messages.

Pass out three copies of the "Sex on TV: Teens and Parents Talk" Worksheet to each student. Let them know that one copy is for the teen to complete and the others are for the parents to complete. Acknowledge that some of the teens may have only one parent with whom they can complete the homework assignment, and this is fine.

Explain the directions on the "Sex on TV: Teens and Parents Talk" Worksheet to the teens, and answer questions they may have. Encourage them to choose a TV show that they really enjoy and that does have at least one character who is romantically/sexually involved.

Give teens a timeline for completing the assignment. Pass out the "We Talked!" Form, and let the teens know they will need to bring this form back with the signature of at least one parent or guardian.

2. Teens complete the homework.

3. Discuss the homework.

After the teens complete their homework assignment, lead a group discussion with the questions below. Make sure the teens understand that you do not want them to disclose their parents' answers, but rather want them to discuss how they experienced the communication process.

  1. How comfortable did you feel watching the show with your parent(s)?

  2. How comfortable did you feel discussing your answers to the questions with your parents?

  3. How did it feel to hear your parents' answers?

  4. How do your views compare with the views of your parents?

  5. What, if anything, helped you feel comfortable communicating with your parents?

  6. Would you feel comfortable discussing the sexual messages in other TV shows or movies with your parents as a result of this assignment?

Close the discussion by summarizing some of the benefits and challenges teens shared about talking with parents about sex on TV. Encourage teens to continue talking to and listening to their parents about sex. Collect the "We Talked!" forms.