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The Alanzo and Briana Story


To identify reasons why young teens might postpone sexual activity.


20 minutes



  1. Initiate the discussion by:

    1. Reading the Alanzo and Briana story.

    2. Asking youth to take a few minutes to write down two or three reasons why Alanzo and Briana should decide to wait for sex.

    3. Asking volunteers to share some of their reasons. Record their answers on the blackboard or newsprint as they state them. Encourage youth to include reasons that relate to family, religious beliefs, health and relationships.
  1. Continue the discussion by asking youth the following analysis and application questions. To maximize participation and interaction during this stage of the discussion, remember to:

    1. Ask youth to respond to comments and direct their eye contact toward each other. For example, you might ask, "What do other people think?" or "Does someone else have a different opinion?"

    2. Direct questions at reticent youth as a way to get them involved in the discussion.

    3. Encourage youth to express different points of view. If the discussion gets heated, remind teens of the ground rules and that one purpose of the discussion is to hear each others' ideas and opinions.

    4. Ask only one question at a time and allow plenty of time for youth to think about the question and hear each others' reactions.

    5. Use the following questions as guidelines to help the group explore why teens might postpone sexual activity. Other questions may emerge as the discussion proceeds; you don't need to stay locked into these questions only.

      1. Ask youth to look at the reasons listed and discuss how Alanzo's
        reasons might be different from Briana's.

      2. What might be the advantage of waiting to have sex for Briana? For Alanzo? What might be the disadvantages?

      3. What do you think Briana and Alanzo will do?

      4. How might Alanzo and Briana talk to each other about their decision?

      5. What might get in the way of their talking with each other?

      6. How might Alanzo and Briana express affection to each other without having sex?
  1. Conclude the discussion by using the following questions to help youth generalize and personalize what they've learned.

    1. How is Alanzo and Briana's story like real life?

    2. What "reasons to wait" might have the most impact on your friends and peers?

    3. Looking at the list of reasons we have developed, what are the strongest reasons for you to wait to have sex when you are in a relationship?

Alanzo and Briana's Story
Alanzo and Briana have been seeing each other for seven months. Briana's an eighth grader, and Alanzo is in ninth grade. Last Saturday night after a movie, things went pretty far. Briana got scared and told Alanzo to stop. Alanzo said he loved Briana a lot and wanted to go all the way with her. Briana said she wanted to think about things first and asked that they talk about whether or not to have sex later. What should Alanzo and Briana do?