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Peer Education Resources

  • Advocates for Youth — Peer Education, Youth Development, and Youth-Adult Partnerships (

  • National Peer Helpers Association — sponsors conferences, publishes the Peer Facilitator Quarterly (describing trainings and peer projects), and represents schools, social service agencies, and youth organizations in the U.S. And Canada interested in peer education (P.O. Box 2684, Greenville, NC 27858, 919-328-6923).

  • Educational Media Corporation publishes a wide variety of peer training manuals, videos, and icebreaker/warm-up activity books (800-966-3382).

  • Coyle, Karin. Safer Choices: Preventing HIV, Other STD and Pregnancy. Peer Leader Training Guide. 1998. Available from ETR Associates (

  • Peer Potential: Making the Most of How Teens Influence Each Other by Peter Bearman, Hannah Bruckner, B. Bradford, Wendy Theobald and Susan Philliber. Published by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. April 1999. (

  • Step by Step to Peer Health Education Programs: A Planning Guide by Malcolm Goldsmith and Sherri Reynolds. ETR Associates. 1997. (

  • Smith, M.U., DiClemente, R.J. STAND: A Peer Education Training Curricula for Sexual Risk Reduction in the Rural South. Preventive Medicine, 30, 441-449, 2000.

  • Kirby, D., Korpi, M., Adivi, C., & Weissman, J. An Impact Evaluation of Project SNAPP: An AIDS and Pregnancy Prevention Middle School Program. AIDS Education and Prevention, 9 Supplement A, 44-61, 1997.

  • Peer to Peer: Youth Preventing HIV Infection Together (published by Advocates for Youth, — summarizes steps for developing and implementing peer education programs, including recruitment, community organizing, involving parents, training, educational techniques, and evaluation — plus a review of 14 successful peer education programs.

  • Peer Education — A Little Help From Your Friends — curriculum developed by Planned Parenthood of West Michigan, including sample application forms, teaching tips, and a 40-hour training course design (425 Cherry St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, 616-774-7005).


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