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Theories & Approaches

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Web Sites

  • National Mentoring Center
    Highlights: Training Curriculum, Technical Assistance Packets, Newsletters, Resource Library, Annotated Web Links, Mentor Exchange Listserv
  • Public Private Ventures
    Highlights: Numerous research publications
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
    Highlights: Information about the Big organization, Links, Impact Study
  • National Mentoring Partnership
    Highlights: Program Database, Elements of Effective Practice, Research Corner, E-mentoring Clearinghouse, Online Tutorial
  • Information Technology International
    Highlights: Program evaluation resources, National JUMP Evaluation information
  • Missouri Volunteer Resource Mothers
    Highlights: Program resources for pregnant and parenting teens mentoring programs



  • Englund, S., Kanfer, F.H., Lennhoff, C. Rhodes, J. (1995). A mentor manual: For adults who work with pregnant and parenting teens. Child Welfare League: Washington DC.
  • Freedman M. (1993) The kindness of strangers: adult mentors, urban youth, and the new voluntarism. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, CA.
  • Grossman J. B., (Ed.). (1999) Contemporary issues in mentoring. Public Private Ventures, Philadelphia, PA. Online:
  • National Mentoring Center (2003) Foundations of Successful Youth Mentoring: A Guidebook for Program Development. Portland, OR: Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory. Online:
  • Rhodes, J. E. (2002). Stand by me: the risks and rewards of mentoring today's youth. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.
    Smink, J. (1999). Training guide for mentors. Clemson, SC: National Dropout Prevention Center.
  • Tierney, J., & Grossman, J.B., (with Resch, N.L.). (2000). Making a difference: An impact study of Big Brothers/Big Sisters. (Reissued ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Public/Private Ventures. Online:
  • White, L.T., Patterson, J., & Herman, M.L. (1998). More than a matter of trust: Managing the risks of mentoring. Washington, DC: Nonprofit Risk Management Center.


Other Key Research

  • DuBois, D.L., Holloway, B.E., Valentine, J.C. & Cooper, H. (2002) Effectiveness of mentoring programs for youth: A meta-analytic Review. American Journal of Community Psychology, 30(2), 157-197.
  • Jekielek S.M., Moore K.A., & Hair, E.C. (2002) Mentoring Programs and Youth Development: A Synthesis. Child Trends, Washington, DC. Online:


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