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Mock Presentation to Board of Directors Worksheet

Adapted from:
NOAPPP and ETR Associates
Bridging Science and Practice


Take the next 30 minutes to design an outline for an oral presentation (no longer than 7 minutes) to be delivered to your organization's board of directors. Use the questions below to guide the content of your presentation.


  1. Provide a brief description of your program. Be sure your description includes:
    1. Need for the program
    2. Program objectives
    3. Program duration
    4. Program recipients
  1. Provide a brief description of the evaluation design, measurement methods and instruments used to gather evaluation data.
  2. Briefly present key findings from your data using tables, charts, graphs, etc.
  3. Briefly share what the practice implications are of your evaluation findings. In your presentation, be sure to mention one apparent success of the program and one area of your program that might be improved given the evaluation findings.